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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of software development practices, processes and tools that combine software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) to facilitate the software development life cycle.

Dev Ops plays a vibrant part in delivering automation in the area of Build, Testing and Release to software development teams which are normally termed today as Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery.  Dev Ops needs a delivery cycle that includes planning, development, testing, deployment, release, and monitoring with active cooperation between different members of a team.

DevOps is usually called pipeline, i.e. a linear workflow moving from build test to release. Pipeline displays a total visualization of application from source control to production. It is not about CI, it is about CD -continuous delivery. Enterprises are devoting their time and struggles in understanding more about automating their complete software development process. 2019 have presented the shift from just CI pipelines to DevOps assembly lines.

Future Forecast

IDC forecasts the worldwide DevOps software market will scope $8 billion by 2022, up from $3.9 billion in 2017.

DevOps is way more than just the buzzword it was 10 years ago, and if we have well-read everything, it’s that DevOps has truly been worth every cent organizations have spent on investing in it.

Bringing the worlds of development and IT operations collected has not only assisted businesses streamline their production, but it has also contributed to the formation of new and innovative tools that have emerged to support the movement of DevOps.

DevOps Automation Tools

Following are some of the important tools used in DevOps Automation:
• Gradle
• Bamboo
• Raygun
• Datadog
• DynaTrace
• Kibana
• NewRelic
• ServiceNow
• Cucumber
• Apache JMeter

Nub8 DevOps consulting services support organizations integrate their software development and operations teams through the adoption of cloud based technologies that rationalize and automate their workloads.

Our services will help to analyze, optimize, design, operationalize and accelerate the use of your investments with Dev Ops best practices and practical implementation approaches. We can quickly deploy the proper Dev Ops automation tools with the customizations and integration components needed to support your environment.

Our Consulting Services provides DevOps Assessment and Development Environment and Integration. We have extensive experience in various verticals like telecom, healthcare, finance, insurance, media etc. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise covers all Dev Ops automation tools.