Secure your Cloud
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Secure your Cloud
Journey with us

Cloud Managed Services

Aim your resources in the right direction

Success requires knowledge

Migrating to the cloud can help you increase business value. However, managing your critical IT processes and applications requires expertise and time. Taking advantage of the cloud is not something that happens overnight. Then, why wait to master the cloud when you can borrow the required experts from somewhere else?

Nub8 delivers cloud management so you can focus on your business core. 

Managing your IT infrastructure can be expensive both in time and money. The solution? Nub8 Managed Services. We simplify your cloud administration by controlling all the technical and security processes. We free up resources so you can focus on strategic business initiatives and do what you like.

Nub8 helps you design, build, and manage effective cloud solutions

What do we offer?

Comprehensive business solutions. We use cloud tools to cover your needs and optimize your budget.

Knowledge of your business and its operations so we can help you acquire the agility to anticipate market movements.

Flexible pricing, integration, delivery, and management solutions. We provide on-demand scalability.

Our pillars for an effective cloud management

Infrastructure Management

We help you choose the right cloud platform for you. Then, we manage all its systems so you can focus on your core business.

Service Management

Our experts are always available to manage incidents and setbacks with transparency.

Application Management Services

We provide cloud-native application development, maintenance, and support for essential business applications.

Cyber Security

We deploy top-notch security configurations to back up your data and workloads. Also, we provide high-level Compliance Risk Management.

Focus on what is important

Nub8 teams collaborate alongside your organization to manage your cloud infrastructure.

Do you want to know how to unlock the power of the cloud? Give us a shout. Reach our specialists and take your business to the next level.