Secure your Cloud
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Secure your Cloud
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Cloud Security

We help you protect your cloud infrastructure

What is Cloud Security?

The cloud is a big step forward in the development of your organization. However, there might be some concerns. Is the cloud secure? Yes. Why? Cloud Security. Cloud Security is a group of technologies, controls, procedures, and policies created to protect systems, data, and cloud infrastructure.

Secure information is the difference between success and failure

At Nub8, we take care of our client’s security. Therefore, we implement the finest data protection technologies and develop a series of services to provide you with the highest security standards. Our specialists make your cloud experience as secure as possible.

What we can offer to your company

We help you centralize all your cybersecurity information. Our tools detect abnormal behavior to prevent and deal with cyber threats.

We ensure the security of systems and services against vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

We offer you the instruments to face alerts in real-time and help you find security vulnerabilities missed by cloud providers.

Work with top-notch security experts

Our teams collaborate alongside your organization to face threats and secure your data. Leverage the newest cybersecurity tools to sleep tight.

Our pillars for an excellent security performance

Data Protection 

Data protection for cloud environments is becoming critical. Why? Because businesses are transitioning from On-premise data centers to storing applications and data in the cloud. Therefore, cloud data protection secures a company's information in a cloud environment against any threat.

Compliance Assessments

Nub8 automates the assessment of cloud infrastructure to meet compliance frameworks such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and AWS Well-Architected Framework. These tasks identify critical risks and allow your organization to remediate these issues using cloud best practices.

Incident Response

Preventive security controls cannot eliminate the possibility of critical data loss during a cyber-attack. Thus, cloud services must ensure a response strategy when these incidents occur. Cloud incident response is the tactics employed to manage cyber-attacks in a cloud environment.

Vulnerability Assessments & Pentesting

Pentesting is an essential part of a holistic web application security strategy. How does it work? Pentesting finds security loopholes in a cloud system by simulating a controlled cyber-attack. Thus, this test allows you to find security vulnerabilities missed by the cloud providers.

Let’s protect your organization.

At Nub8, we work 24/7 to benefit from cybersecurity tools.

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