Secure your Cloud
Journey with us

Secure your Cloud
Journey with us

Cloud Migration

We are the bridge between your organization and a flawless migration process.

Migrate with confidence

Your migration planning is the difference between a sustainable system and chaos. Therefore, we have developed a series of alternatives to migrate your projects with refinement and cutting-edge technology.

We know changes are challenging

That is why we create customized migration services that ensure a simple journey to the cloud. We work alongside you to accelerate your digital transformation. We handle every aspect of a cloud migration process so you can concentrate on your business core.

What we can offer to your company

Shatterproof security

We offer strong data recovery, error analysis, and backup management systems. 


We use tools and strategies that accelerate migration and reduce risks

Personalized process

We adjust our service to your needs. Access the infrastructure, systems, and technical support you request and pay only for the resources you use.

Greater scalability

Organizations are dynamic and tend to evolve. Therefore, if you need to modify the number of contracted resources, we adjust your infrastructure to your requests.

We offer assistance on your journey to the cloud

We follow various steps to help you enjoy the cloud experience

1. Assessment

Why migrate to the cloud? What are the advantages of using cloud computing? In this step, we work alongside you to answer these questions. How? Comparing options, analyzing costs, and selecting the right solution for you.


In this phase, our experts create an itinerary for your migration. We work on the migration strategy and prepare your infrastructure for the change.

3. Survey

All your ecosystem and data are ready and safe to start the migration. Here we perform tests to ensure that everything will perform effectively.

4. Execution

Let's migrate! Congratulations, your organization is part of the cloud.

5. Testing

Feed your curiosity and start experimenting with your Cloud environment. Make the necessary adjustments and check that everything went well. It's time to enjoy and learn.

Changes take time and migrating to the cloud is not the exception. But with Nub8, everything is easier for you.

Let's work together.

Leverage our Cloud Migration services to enjoy the benefits of the cloud.