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Disaster Recovery as a Service, DRaaS with AWS

Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a corporate plan that describes how work can be resumed rapidly and efficiently after a disaster. Disaster recovery planning is just part of business continuity planning and applied to aspects of an organization that rely on an IT infrastructure to function.
The overall idea is to develop a plan that will allow the IT department to recover enough data and system functionality to allow a business or organization to operate – even possibly at a minimal level.

Disaster recovery as a service with AWS

Disaster recovery as a service using public cloud is fabricated on virtualization and takes an exclusive method to old-style disaster recovery planning. Delivering quicker recovery times and multi-site availability at a little of the cost of conventional disaster recovery. Using AWS cloud computing allows your most vital data (located offsite) to be copied and restored significantly faster than traditional disaster recovery services, minimizing your company’s downtime and saving you revenue in the process. It’s also of vital importance to determine company’s recovery time objective (RTO) as well as its recovery point objective (RPO). Taking consistent backups of your Amazon EC2 resources should be a vital component of your disaster recovery preparation. But as with most things in the fast-moving world of cloud computing, there is constantly a trade-off between time and money. That’s why it is very significant to classify your mission-critical data and applications when creating a backup plan as part of your overall DR plan, and selecting how your data will be stored (snapshots, AMIs, etc.). This option differs depending on the needs of corporate.

CloudEndure – For Disaster recovery as a service

Amazon acquired CloudEndure, an Israeli startup that offers continuity software solutions for disaster recovery, for $200 million. CloudEndure helps companies move applications into different cloud providers through its Live Migration tools. Moving an application from self-managed servers to the cloud tends to take lengthier than initially expected, and live migration services help corporations make sure they continue to deliver a assumed level of service during that migration procedure. CloudEndure is a cloud computing company that develops business continuity software solutions for disaster recovery, continuous backup, and live migration. The company enables the smooth transfer of data from cloud to cloud. CloudEndure’s product also allows flatter transfer of data from servers to the cloud. CloudEndure Migration constantly replicates your source machines into a staging area in your AWS account without causing downtime or impacting performance.

Nub8’s enthusiastic team of AWS experts can support architect Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions for your business leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the hosting. AWS along CloudEndure, provide a robust platform to host Disaster Recovery. This helps enable our customers to achieve their internal compliance, Disaster Recovery, and business continuity needs. Contact us today for a free consultation or to learn more about our AWS Disaster Recovery as a Service offering.