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Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools

Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools

In Azure, there are many different tools to do a job. In some cases, there is more than one tool that does almost the same thing as another tool, but not quite. Cloud monitoring is very strong area for Azure Platform. Following are some of the main elements of cloud monitoring services in Azure.

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor stores log/monitoring data in a Log Analytics workspace, which is an Azure resource and a container where data is collected, tracked, aggregated, and serves as an administrative boundary.

With Azure Monitor, monitoring solution is associated with the DevOps model to better provision app development methodology. Thus put monitoring environment in the hands of service engineers. This solution helps to have responsive monitoring and alerting, improved measurement of end-to-end service health.

Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools - Azure Monitor overview
Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools – Azure Monitor overview

Azure Activity Log

The Azure Activity Log delivers insight into subscription-level events that have occurred in Azure. This comprises a range of data, from Azure Resource Manager operational data to updates on Service Health events. You can integrate your Azure Activity Logs into the Operations Management Suite (OMS); also known as Log Analytics.

Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools - Azure Monitor Activity log
Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools – Azure Monitor Activity log

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Application Insights

Application Insights is an Application Performance Management (APM) service, that can be used to plan, analyze and monitor your application. It helps to detect performance anomalies, has analytic abilities.

Azure Advisor

The Azure Advisor service tracks and analyzes resources that are running in Azure and delivers recommendations based on best practices, guidelines, cost-saving adjustments that could be applied, and suggestions to improve performance, security, and high availability.

Azure Alerts

Either something did or did not happen, and you want to be notified to this. Azure Alerts actually spans across multiple areas. It can be used to create Alerts from Azure Activity Logs, or Azure Metrics, or Operations Management Suite, etc.

Azure Diagnostics

Azure Diagnostics consist of Diagnostic Logs, and Diagnostic Extensions; that are used to collect diagnostics data from different types of resources. Azure Diagnostics really delivers a great option for collecting additional details and data about your environment and resources.

Service Health

The Azure Service Health alerts when there is an issue with an Azure service that affects specific resources. It also comprises notices for Microsoft planned maintenance activities.

Juniper on Microsoft Azure

Use Juniper on Microsoft Azure to protect and automate your multicloud deployments. It may interest you: Juniper on Microsoft Azure

Nub8 – Cloud Monitoring with Azure Tools

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