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Challenges for Managed Services Providers

There is a huge need in the market place for managed services providers, however, the opportunity is usually fused with challenges, and MSPs face some distinct challenges. Three main challenges are as following.

1. Modernization of IT Infrastructure

Modern IT organizations are faced with huge new challenges related to IT Infrastructure. IT is being requested to be an innovation and excellence center for the business, charged with finding new ways to add value. But how can IT hug this new role while functioning on traditional infrastructure? IT is now asking itself, what more can we do with technology to achieve high standard of innovation? How can we Modernization of IT Infrastructure? A lot of corporate are looking to modernize legacy applications and transform service models to better support business initiatives. Managed service providers need to ensure they have a Modernization offering and services to help with technical and/or business processes for futurist direction of IT Infrastructure.

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2. Gaining customer Trust

Managed Service providers can take a number of actions toward building trust with clients, including obtaining insurance to financially protect customers and earning technical certifications. First of all, being a trusted customer advisor is a lot more than a vendor to their customers, because they’re focused on improving their clients’ solution architecture, productivity, efficiencies, and net profits by eradicating business downtime and moderating risk through the use of technology solutions. As a trusted customer advisor, Managed Service providers are anticipated to meet with your clients regularly to analyze their network monitoring and service desk reports, as well as persistently search for ways to advance their support services.

3. Robust Security Model

The Department of Homeland Security issues warnings and alerts continuously throughout the year to caution citizens and organizations about exposed threats. By successfully compromising a single MSP, hacker hope to laterally move throughout the networks of their customer base and steal data and intellectual property. So Security is very important for Managed Service providers. Managed Service providers must be certain to fully toughen any on–premise device placed on a customer network, and they must take steps to protect their own infrastructure against the propagation of the customer network. Mutually, and in accordance with a set of standards and guidelines, all stakeholders involved in the managed services relationship must be sure to set a justifiable benchmark that adequately reduces the chances for 3rd party on premise equipment becoming the root cause of a security compromise.

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