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Secure your Cloud
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The Challenge

Spark Business Academy is part of the first phase of the “ReNew” initiative of the Arlington County Economic Development program, which seeks to strengthen the digital presence of companies in Arlington, using technological tools that provide robustness and security.

The academy needed to strengthen its commercial tools and centralize the associated information in a CRM, in order to improve the customer management process and carried it out more efficiently, allowing it to evolve in the future aligned with the growth of the academy

The Solution

According with the current situation and requirements of Spark Business Academy, Nub8 selected OdOO CRM to be implemented as it is part of a series of OpenSource tools that can be integrated with each other in order to optimize businesses and help make them more profitable.

This CRM was implemented including components and services deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to take advantage of scalability, flexibility, pay-per-use, and others.

It is a U.S. company whose mission is to
provide financial literacy programs for students in grades K-12.

It has partnerships with several elite schools in the United States and several international schools. 

Its specialized programs include after-school
classes, summer camps and project days, thus achieving the objectives expected by parents and children.

Reinforces students’ technical and social skills such as collaboration, public speaking and problem solving





“Thanks to nub8's services, we are moving forward in optimizing our commercial process through an open source, scalable CRM implemented on the AWS Cloud”

J. Chuchi Arevalo – CEO Spark Business Academy

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