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Secure your Cloud
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The Challenge

Omega had a physical server with files and registers related to production plant, more security and reliability was required for associated infrastructure considering the importance of the information hosted there.

The Solution

Taking in to account the environment and Omega`s needs, Nub8 proposed a multisite solution, this type of architecture guarantees optimal RPO and RTO, replicating Omega`s server in AWS (Amazon Web
Services) cloud infrastructure so, once a failure is detected, all traffic from SMB customers is redirected to AWS instance.

Omega Market Research is a beverage co-packer specializing in the development and manufacturing of beverage product for commercialization and market studies. Using our cost-efficient manufacturing process, you will be able to manufacture product

  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Shelf Life Studies
  • Focus Group / Market Test
  • Market Launch



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