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Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service by Microsoft enabling anyone to analyze, visualize and present data with greater speed, efficiency, and high understanding. Following are the top 10 alternatives to Power BI.
• QlikView
• Tableau
• SAP Business Objects Lumira
• SAS Business Intelligence
• Zoho Reports
• ReportPlus
• IBM Cognos
• Sisense
• Looker
• Qualtrics Research Core
The future of power BI is bright. Today, Power BI provides the users to create graphs, reports and interactive cloud-based visual dashboards without the help of an administrator or any information analyst. Following are some of important benefits of selecting PowerBI as tool of choice for BI implementation.

1. More Data Accessibility

Data is at the heart of Power BI. Power BI supports huge variety of data sources. You can click Get data and it displays you all the accessible data connections. In Power BI, there are two methods to create or import your own content: Files and Databases. From the Power BI service, you can connect live to Databases in the Cloud as:
• Azure SQL Database
• Azure SQL Data Warehouse
• Spark on Azure HDInsight
It also contains ODBC connection to link to other ODBC data sources, which are not listed. Power BI also lets you to connect to diverse online services such as Exchange, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

2. AI Integration

AI features can be effortlessly incorporated with Power BI as.
• Users can get abilities such as image recognition and text analytics right in Power BI.
• Key driver analysis benefits users comprehend what influences key business metrics.
• Users can generate machine learning models straight in Power BI with automated machine learning.
• Users now have all-in-one integration of Azure Machine Learning inside Power BI.
With access to a set of models from Azure Cognitive Services and your custom models in Azure ML, you can effortlessly supplement those insights with AI. Cognitive services in Power BI provides you access to an increasing set of procedures for analyzing text and images without writing custom queries or connecting to APIs.

3. Big Data possibilities

self-service data prep in Power BI by introducing new competencies to help business analysts extract insights from big data. Using the Power Query experience aware to millions of Power BI Desktop and Excel users, business analysts can analyze, design, ingest, transform, integrate and enrich big data right in the Power BI web service, as well as data from a large and growing set of maintained on-premises and cloud-based data sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SharePoint. The consumed data can now be united across multiple Power BI models, graphs, reports and dashboards allowing easy data reuse for Big Data cases.

4. Simple Implementation

It is great tool for Excel user, because many UI interfaces are same. PowerBI has close integration with Office 365, so become a natural choice for Office 365 user. This tool is easy to use and have implementation for great graphs, dashboard and reports. This means basic users can explore simple Power BI services right away, and advanced users can jump right into exploring advanced data modeling.

With Nub8’s Power BI consultancy, your company will be able to harness the power of your company’s data analytics. Leverage Microsoft’s powerful data tools to enable your corporate vision, discover new insights and make assured business decisions. Getting started with power BI is not an impossible task to achieve, our consultants help you learn the tips and tricks to create convincing power BI reports, dashboard, graphs to bring information at your fingertips.