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What is Amazon EC2 used for?

Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 for short, is a virtual server that aids you run numerous applications on the AWS cloud infrastructure. It lets subscribers to run applications in a computing environment that is almost capable of helping an limitless set of virtual machines.

Three Type

There are three popular ways for an EC2 instance:
• Compute Optimized – These are best appropriate for instances that need high request rates and leverage industry foremost processors.
• Memory Optimized – These instances provide the most efficient memory cost.
• Storage optimized – These instances are talented to access SSD storage very fast to help data retrieval requests.


It’s significant to study potential challenges and solutions of Cloud configuration, migration and management, before you accept. Being conscious of the challenges your business might knowledge using AWS, will enable you to handle any subjects and improve much more rapidly.

Resource Utilization

AWS EC2 helps businesses to scale. EC2 stretches you whole control over your cases, with a range of instance types at your disposal.

AMI lifecycle

Management of AMI lifecycle — developers frequently start by using evasion Amazon Machine Images. As computing requirements change, custom arrangements will likely be required.


Whilst EC2 places significance on security, many companies still face tests when ensuring that instances are running securely. What happens when you have an instance that is public-facing? Who has access, and how is this tracked, reviewed, managed and monitored?


Managing EC2 instances! What if we could deploy code without worrying about the instances it has to get deployed to?

Instance States

• Start: Run instances normally.
• Stop: Normal instance shutdown
• Terminate: Instance performs a normal shut down and get deleted.


EC2 can incorporate with other AWS services, such as RDS, SimpleDB, and SQS.

Precise control:

Users get managerial access to their instances, can stop and start instances while recollecting boot partition data, and can entree console productivity for the instance.


Users can control which instances continue private and which have internet contact. EC2 influences Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for security, and dealings can connect their secure IT infrastructure to resources in VPC.


Among a number of pricing options, EC2 offers affordable hourly rates.

Amazon Machine Image (AMI):

EC2 setup includes creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which comprises an operating system, apps, and configurations. That AMI is overloaded to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and it’s registered with EC2, at which point users can takeoff virtual machines as needed.

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