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What are the key benefits of AWS Security Hub?

AWS Security Hub is one of the many tools that Amazon Web Service offer to their clients. The main task of Security Hub is give you completely information about you security status, helping you to maintain your most important assets safe in AWS. This service works with a high detailed scheme that you can see here

Are you interested? Let’s find out what are the benefits of AWS Security Hub


  • With AWS Security Hub you can collect and prioritize the security problems in your accounts and resources associated with Amazon Web Service. This tool process the data with a standard format and relate the problems to find out what are the most important. 
  • If you don’t have the time to check and sort out every alert of Security Hub, you can configure to function in automatic way using indicators of the Center for Internet Security (CIS). The result is always positive.
  • Another of the benefits of AWS is that you can have all the security information of all your assets on the AWS cloud in just one place: the console. There you can see the status of your resources every second and check trend of possible problem to prevent or correct them. 
  • Even when you can automatizate the solution of security problems on Security Hub, you can integrate this service to Amazon CloudWatch Events, creating custom solutions and making your job easy peasy. 

How start using the benefits

AWS Security Hub is a global paid service based in two pay dimension. The first one is “compliance checks” and the second is “finding ingestion events”. So you will not have a monthly or annual plan, but you will have for amounts of compliance checks or ingestion events. You can see the exact price here.

If you aren’t sure of buying it, Despites all the benefits you can start a 30 days trial.