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Facing challenges in migration to Cloud? Nub8 can help

The cloud computing marketplace is estimated to reach $411bn by 2020 according to a new study from global communications provider CenturyLink and Statista.

Today the global cloud computing marketplace is worth $200bn in vendor revenues for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS with the marketplace growing by 24 percent annually.

Facing challenges in migration to Cloud? Nub8 can help...!!

Once corporate has decided to migrate workloads to the cloud, the riskiest part is dealing challenges in the cloud migration. Following are some of the topmost challenges:

1. Downtime Issues

According to Rand Group research, 98% of companies confirms a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. Downtime is frequently cited as the biggest challenge of migrating workloads to the cloud.

The biggest hurdle between a successful and unsuccessful cloud migration over time is network connectivity. Even the smallest downtime can be disastrous to the business, both in terms of reputation and revenue. During a cloud migration, IT teams must take a thoughtful, one-step-at-a-time approach to avoid hearing the feared phrase, ‘the system is down’.

Downtime Challenges

But it’s not easy to prevent, downtime during the cloud migration process, given all the complications involved. Cloud teams need to account for data/process inconsistencies. It also needs to monitor diverse software releases and inspect its network infrastructure to be successfully working.

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2. Automation of cloud migrations issues

Migrating corporate data through unmanaged tools is very difficult and error-prone.  Any glitches in the network or temporary unavailability of your data can abort the entire company operation.  Also, if any catastrophes occur, you have to start the process all over again. Chunking up the data and moving it in parts is also left to you.
How can you automate cloud data migration so you do not have to manually manage these issues?

Amazon’s AWS CloudFormation

Amazon’s AWS CloudFormation permits you to model resources in YAML or JSON. Then automate them, and then deploy them in your AWS cloud-based infrastructure. If you use or plan to use AWS-based cloud offerings, CloudFormation can help ensure configurations are as easy as possible for all your teams.

CloudFormation lets you run a gigantic list of other AWS tools right out of the box, including Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Cloud Formation also grips automated management of cross-region accounts, making it easier to enlarge into new locales as your corporate scales. CloudFormation Change Sets are a great way to broadcast impending changes to your infrastructure before they happen. If you plan on using the AWS cloud, let CloudFormation do as much heavy lifting as you need it to.

Azure Automation

Azure Automation delivers a cloud-based automation and configuration service that provides consistent management across Azure and non-Azure environments. It consists of process automation, update management, and configuration features designed to help you reduce errors and cut the time spent on your infrastructure deployments.
Azure Automation also provides automated control over maintenance and compliance runs.

Best of all, it’s not just for Windows!

With Azure Automation, you get heterogenous deployments for Windows or Linux hosts using automation that you trigger with PowerShell or Python runbooks.

Microsoft is obviously showing its devotion to the modern DevOps practitioner. If you want to a run a diverse set of operating systems, Azure could be a great way to roll.

Nub8 recognize and analyze your IT business requirements for Cloud Migration via Azure or AWS. It also identify the most optimal and feasible solution for organization to stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to the cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services tower over the competition.

To be clear

Azure is the new kid on the block. Azure was introduced in 2010 – much later than the 2006 debut of AWS. However, despite the later release date, Azure has made up a lot of ground and has surpassed AWS in functionality. If consultation is needed in Azure or AWS, contact us.

Facing challenges in migration to Cloud? Nub8 can help...!!
3. Permissions, metadata Issues

When moving data from file systems to the cloud, it is important to ensure all the ACLs and file metadata are preserved. So, that you can access the data in the cloud as files with exactly the same permissions as before.  Essentially, you need a solution to migrate data that create a file-system view of this data in the cloud.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is a Microsoft service that helps an enterprise assess how its on-premises workloads will perform also how much they will cost to host, in the Azure public cloud.

While Azure Migrate helps with planning a cloud migration, it does not actually transfer on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to the Azure cloud. For this, Microsoft suggests using either its Azure Site Recovery or Azure Database Migration service.

An enterprise can use Azure Migrate to discover information about the VMware VMs running within its own data center, including CPU and memory usage, as well as performance history. As part of the discovery process, Azure Migrate can also perform dependency mapping to help an enterprise and visualize the resource dependencies of a single or group of VMs.

Create an Azure Migrate project

To get started, an organization needs to create an Azure Migrate project via the Azure portal. Then, it needs to download an Open Virtualization Appliance (.ova) file. After that, it imports it as a VM, called the “Collector Appliance,” that runs on its on-premises vCenter Server. That VM then collects metadata about other on-premises VMs and feeds that information to the Azure Migrate service.

In short, cloud migration is complex. It requires meticulous planning and impeccable expertise to architect, secure and manages a cloud migration. Your success will depend on the partner you choose and the extent of their knowledge. Also needs skill-set and experience to identify and manage the cloud migration project and execute in line with the overarching digital strategy of the business.

Need Help….!!

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Working closely with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Nub8  enables your business to take benefit of pricing, scalability and disaster recovery options offered by these cloud providers. Working with our professional Azure or AWS consultant will help your company gain a competitive advantage.
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