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Chatbots with Amazon Lex

Chatbots empower you to unlock a range of benefits, including better-quality customer satisfaction, increased reach, and more profitable service delivery. Combine them with artificial intelligence and analytics, and they become a driving force of customer and employee engagement. Lex, as a fully managed Amazon service, would also scale spontaneously as the bots’ practice increased, meaning developers would only pay for the number of text or voice queries that Lex processes. Lex can be used by developers who want to build their excellent conversational applications, like chatbots.

Amazon Lex Concepts


Intent is a specific goal that the user needs to achieve. To build an Amazon Lex bot, you will need to find a set of actions – known as ‘intents’ — that you want your bot to fulfill. A bot can have multiple intents.
There are two kinds of intents:
Built-in Intents — These are elementary intents delivered by Lex. You can use them to do normal actions like allowing a user to cancel, get help, etc.
Custom Intents — Custom intents are delivered by developers to carry out a precise set of actions.


Utterances are the phrases which are used to raise an intent.


To achieve an intent, the Amazon Lex bot wants information from the user. This information is taken in ‘slots’.


Prompts are the questions which are requested to get input from the user.


Fulfillment is the business logic that perform the user’s intent. Lex maintenances the use of Lambda functions for fulfillment.

Difference Amazon Lex vs Amazon Alexa

ALEXA is a consumer product and brand of Amazon. Users know they’re talking to Alexa and they already have a ‘relationship’ with her.
Lex is not to be to mixed up with Alexa. Lex is development platform for conversational solutions. Lex is whats inside Alexa. Lex supports both Speech and Text interfaces. Secondly, Lex has SDKs for Android & iOS, and REST endpoints.
While Alexa can be used for a variation of tasks, including shopping and integrating with apps, Lex is intended for companies to provide a service based on what users say to the platform. Still, Lex will help Alexa become smarter and vice versa.

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